Douglas MacArthur

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Douglas MacArthur
Elk-nameGaijin Shogun
 • Scots: The Foreign Generalissimo
Dugout Doug
Big Chief
Born26 Januar 1880(1880-01-26)
Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
Dee'd5 Apryle 1964(1964-04-05) (aged 84)
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Allegiance Unitit States
Service/branch United States Airmy
Philippine Airmy
Years o service1903–1964
Rank General o the Airmy (U.S. Army)
Field Marshal (Philippine Airmy)
Service numberO-57
Commands heldUnitit Naitions Command
Supreme Commander for the Allied Pouers
Soothwast Paceefic Aurie
U.S. Airmy Forces Far East
Philippine Depairtment
U.S. Airmy Chief o Staff
Philippine Diveesion
U.S. Militar Academy Superintendent
42nt Diveesion
84th Infantry Brigade
Battles/warsMexican Revolution
 • Unitit States occupation o Veracruz
Warld War I
 • Champagne-Marne Offensive
 • Battle o Saint-Mihiel
 • Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Warld War II
 • Philippines Campaign (1941–1942)
 • New Guinea campaign
 • Philippines Campaign (1944–1945)
 • Borneo campaign (1945)
 • Occupation o Japan
Korean War
 • Battle o Inchon
 • UN Offensive, 1950
 • Cheenese Winter Offensive
 • UN Offensive, 1951
AwairdsMedal o Honor
Distinguished Service Cross (3)
Airmy Distinguished Service Medal (5)
Navy Distinguished Service Medal
Siller Star (7)
Distinguished Fleein Cross
Bronze Starn
Air Medal
Purple Hert (2)
Complete leet
Ither wirkChairman o the Buird o Remington Rand

Douglas MacArthur (26 Januar 1880 – 5 Aprile 1964) wis an American five-starn general an field marshal o the Philippine Airmy. He wis Chief o Staff o the Unitit States Airmy throu the 1930s an played a kenspeckle role in the Paceefic theatre throu Warld War II.