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OreiginDallas, Texas, USA[1]
GenresDaith metal[2]
Years active1995–1999, 2001, 2002, 2005–present
LabelsRelapse, United Guttural, Corpse Gristle, Brutal Bands
WabsteidDevourment forum
MembersBrad Fincher
Ruben Rosas
Dave Spencer
Chris Andrews
Past membersBrad Fincher
Braxton Henry
Wayne Knupp
Brian "Brain" Wynn
Kevin Clark
Robert Moore
Jeremy Peterson
Joseph Fontenot
Chris Hutto

Devourment is an American daith metal baund frae Dallas, Texas. Formit in 1995, the baund haes split up an reformed three times nane o the oreeginal members remain. The current lineup is Mike Majewski, Ruben Rosas, Chris Andrews an Eric Pairk. The baund is currently signed tae Relapse Records, an wur previously signed tae Brutal Bands, United Guttural an Corpse Gristle Records. Devourment haes haed albums re-released bi ither labels an aw.

Syne thair foondation, the baund released a demo, Impaled, an a album, Molesting the Decapitated, afore disbandin due tae the jailin o vocalist Ruben Rosas. Thare wis a brief reformation o the baund durin his incarceration, which saw the initial release o compilation album 1.3.8., an a brief reformation upon his release in 2002. The third reformation years later haes seen twa re-releases o 1.3.8, twa DVDs an three full lenth albums, Butcher the Weak, Unleash the Carnivore an Conceived in Sewage.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Formation an early history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Devourment wis formit in 1995 on the breakup o Dallas daith metal baund Necrocide.[3] Necrocide's drummer, Brad Fincher, an guitarist, Braxton Henry, met up wi umwhile Meatus vocalist Wayne Knupp tae play brutal daith metal.[3] Housomeivver, the newly-formit baund achievit little—Knupp muivit back tae his hametoun o Chicago, an Fincher muivit tae San Antonio for educational raisons. Months later, whan the twa o thaim haed muivit back tae Dallas, Henry haed formit his awn baund—Dead Industry. Knupp got in contact wi someone he haed kent years earlier, Brian "Brain" Wynn, an thay reformit the baund.[2][3] This lineup is aften citit as the 'oreeginal'.[2][4] The baund then developit thair first promo, featurin twa sangs, "Shroud of Encryption" an "Festering Vomitous Mass",[3] which wis producit bi umwhile an futur guitarist Braxton Henry.[4]

Ower the next few months, Kevin Clark (umwhile o Sintury) jynt the baund as a seicontar guitarist, an Mike Majewski jynt on bass.[3] Majewski haed previously wirkit publicisin the baund an providin airtwirk. He haed first seen Devourment whan thair anerlie sang wis "Shroud of Encryption".[5] The baund recordit "Choking on Bile" which thay addit tae thair oreeginal demo. This wis released in 1997 bi Corpse Gristle Records unner the name o Impaled. Knupp later left the baund "due tae some internal problems".[3] He wis replacit bi Ruben Rosas, who played guitars an providit vocals in a local baund cried Detrimental.

Molesting the Decapitated[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1999, Devourment signed a record deal wi United Guttural an stairtit developin thair first album, Molesting the Decapitated, again producit bi Braxton.[3] The album wis released later that year.[4] Reviews wur positive, wi Blas, o Global Domination, who praised the album for bein sae brutal, claimin that "if you leuk up the wird “Brutal” in the dictionar richt nou, you'd see Devourment's logo richt next tae the definition". He praised the vocals, but said that the drums, in places, let the album doun due tae thaim bein too fast, accordin tae him.[6] Dan Staige, o Metal Review, said that the instruments wur "remarkably balancit an crisp", an his anerlie criticism wis that the "ultra hivy breakdouns" "may sound a little monotonous", but that "you will still bang your heid".[7]

The baund haed a release show for the album in Colorado. Awtho Majewski claimit that this wis in 1998,[1] the album wis apparently released in 1999, sae he wis probably mistaken.[3][4] This show wis alangside Macabre an Cephalic Carnage, amang ithers.[3] Shortly efterwairds, Rosas wis arrestit an jailed for twa an a hauf years, meanin the baund went thair separate weys.[1] Rosas' arrest wis describit bi Majewski as the "last straw",[1][5] as the baund wis becomin mair an mair business-lik, wi Wynn an his wife arrangin concerts athoot consultin the rest o the baund.[5]

The baund reformit durin Rosas' incarceration, wi Knupp takkin Rosas' place on vocals, an Braxton Henry rejoinin the baund in the place o Brian Wynn. The baund recordit a single sang, namit "Babykiller", which wis featurt on a compilation album namit Southern Uprising.[3] The sang wis featurt on the baund's awn compilation album, 1.3.8 an aw, the title o which represents the ane sang, "Babykiller", wi the three sangs frae Impaled, wi the aicht sangs frae Molesting the Decapitated.[7][8] The compilation wis released fower times—ance on Corpse Gristle Records while Rosas wis in jyle,[8] ance on Unmatched Brutality in 2004,[9] ance efter Rosas' release while the baund wis wirkin on new material, includin the baund's first DVD, on Displeased Records,[10] an feenally as a limitit edition vinyl bi label Night o the Vinyl Dead.[11] Upon Rosas's release in 2002, he reformit the baund wi new members, featurin hissel on vocals, guitarists Robert Moore an Kevin Clark, Jeremy Peterson on drums an Joseph Fontenot (later o Jacknife) on bass.[2] Clark wis then replacit bi Chris Hutto o Ingurgitate.[2] Rosas' new lineup played a few shows, but then split up again.[3] Majewski later referred tae the time atween the baund's twa full lenth albums, explainin that "Ruben an A baith made attempts tae get the baund goin again but baith failed".[1]

Butcher the Weak[eedit | eedit soorce]

A few years later, Knupp, Rosas, an Majewski feenally properly reformit Devourment.[5] Eric Pairk, umwhile o Suture, filled oot the lineup which wad record the seicont Devourment album.[3] The baund entered the studio in August 2005 tae begin recordin Butcher the Weak, an the completit album wis released in November 2005.[3] For this album, Majewski performit vocals, Rosas providit guitars an bass, an Pairk wis on drums.[3][12] Accordin tae Josh Thorne, o fourteen g, the "production is a lot better" than it wis on Molesting the Decapitated, but Majewski explained that baith albums haed been recordit in the same studio.[1] The album contained artwork bi Majewski,[13] who wirks for a special effects company.[1]

Felix Schoonen, o Vampire Magazine, said it wis odd that the album wis sel-released bi the baund, askin "why shoud a baund like Devourment release their awn album... ivery week coontless uiseless releases are thrown on the mercat bi baunds that naebody will iver care for an Devourment is somehou forcit tae release its awn album." In 2006, the baund signed a twa album deal wi label Brutal Bands, an proceedit tae re-record an re-release Butcher the Weak.[3] The new release's civer wis yellae, while the sel-released version sportit a green civer, tho thay bore the same design.[12]

On 15 September 2007, Wayne Knupp dee'd o multiple organ failur due tae alcohol abuis.[4] Despite nae langer bein wi Devourment, his links wi the baund wur widely reportit, includin his guest appearance wi Devourment at the Central Illinois Metalfest earlier in the year.[14] Knupp's girlfriend postit a message on his Myspace profile confirmin his daith an thankin fowk for thair support an messages.[15] In an interview wi, Majewski spoke o the impact o the daith on the baund, sayin;[16]

It had a big impact. He was a founding member and really created the vocal style we are known for. Just felt like part of the band died too. Like when he died, it was just weird to think about doing shows or recording without him around, even if he was no longer in the band. He was a good person and definitely deserves to be remembered.

Syne Butcher the Weak, Devourment hae recordit new material for compilation albums, as well as continuin tae tour.[3] Thay hae appeared at various festivals,[3] includin Central Illinois Metalfest,[17] The Goregrowler's Ball[18] an Germany's Fuck the Commerce.[19] Devourment released thair seicont DVD in Januar 2007 an aw.[20] In an interview wi in October 2007, Majewski said that the baund aims tae complete a third studio album bi mid-2008, performin less in 2008.[16]

Unleash the Carnivore[eedit | eedit soorce]

Devourment's third full-lenth studio album, Unleash the Carnivore, wis released in 2009 throu Brutal Bands. The civer featurs airtwirk bi acclaimit diath metal airtists Dan Seagrave an Par Olofsson. Unleash the Carnivore wis follaeed in 2010 wi the "Unleash the Carnivore tour". On 13 Julie 2010, Devourment annooncit that thay signed wi Relapse.[21]

Conceived in Sewage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Devourment began writin new material in 2011. The baund began recordin a new album in Juin 2012.[22] The album is titled Conceived in Sewage an wis recordit wi Erik Rutan. Conceived in Sewage wis released on 19 Februar 2013.[23]

Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current members[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Mike Majewski – vocals
  • Ruben Rosas – guitars
  • Chris Andrews – bass
  • Eric Pairk – drums

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Demos an compilations[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Impaled demo (Corpse Gristle Records) 1997
  • 1.3.8. (Corpse Gristle Records, Unmatched Brutality, Displeased Records, Night o the Vinyl Dead) 2000

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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