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Alcoholism is a braid term fir proablems wae alcohol, an generally is uist tae mean compulsive an uncontrollable consumpt o alcoholic drink, mair awften than no tae the detriment o the drinker's ane weel bein, persoanl relationships, an social staundin. It is medically considert tae be an ailment, specifically an addictive illness, an in psychiatry sevral ither terms ir used an aa, specifically "alcohol abuse" an "alcohol dependence," which differ in like by definition.[1] In 1979 an expert Wurld Healt Organization committee discurit the uiss o "alcoholism" in medicine, preferrin the category o "alcohol dependence syndrome".[2] In the 19th an early 20th centuries, alcohol dependence in general wis cawd dipsomania, but noo that term haes a mair specific meanin.[3] Fouk ailin frae alcoholism ir awften cawd "alchies" (colloquial) or "alcoholics" (formal). Ither terms, the like of which hae been insulting or informal, hae been Kent throu'oot historie., The Wurld Healt Organization estimate there ir 140 million fouk wae alcoholism wurldwide.[4][5]

The Scottish Intercollegit group network defines hazardous drinking ower 40g o pure ethanol (5 units) evry day fir men an ower 24g pure ethanol (3 units) evry day fir women. Howe'er, these limits ir uist tae identify high risk group and harmfu drinking is considert tae hae more holistic definition that encompasses physical an mental healt. The internation'l classification o diseases (ICD-10) requires actual harm tae the physical or mental weel bein a an individual tae ful'fu the definition a harmfu drinkin. Alcohol dependence is fairther definitively describit by SIGN as an individual wae at least 3 o the fallowin; drouth fir alcohol, nae control in gien the drink up, a physioloogical withdrawl state when aff the drink, tolerance, neglect o ither activities an persistent uiss despite obvious detriment tae the drinker.

Treatment o alcoholism taks severl steps. Cause o the medical proablems that can be causd wae withdrawal, alcohol detoxification is carefu'y controllt an may involve medications sic as benzodiazepines like diazepam (Valium).[14] people wae alcoholism ir mair prone tae ither addictions, includin addictions tae benzodiazepines, thit'll mibbie complicate this step.[15] After detoxification, ither support sic as group therapy or" self-help" groups are uist tae help the person stay aff the drink.[16][17] Thombs (1999) states accordin tae behaviourl sciences, alcoholism is describit as a “maladaptive behavyir”. He explains this must no be confusit wae “misbehavyir”. Behaviourl scientists explain that addicts hae a behavyir pattern that may lead tae destructive consequences for themsel, their kin and society. This dissnae label addicts as bad or irresponsible.[18] Comparit wae men, women ir mair sensitive tae alcohol's harmfu physical, cerebral, an mental effects.[19]