Democrats (Brazil)

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Democrats (Brazil)
Preses José Agripino Maia
Foondit January 24, 1985 (PFL)
March 28, 2007 (Democratas)
Heidquarters Senado Federal -
Anexo I - 26º Andar,
Sala 2602 - Brasília
- DF
Youth wing Juventude Democratas
Ideology Conservatism,[1]
Conservative liberalism
Poleetical poseetion Centre-right[1]
Internaitional affiliation Centrist Democrat
Democrat Union
Regional affiliation Union o Laitin
American Parties
Christian Democrat
Organization o Americae
Colours Green, Blue an White.
TSE Identification Number 25
Seats in the
Chamber o Deputies
43 / 513
Seats in the Senate
6 / 81

The Democrats (Portuguese: Democratas, DEM) is a far-richt poleetical pairty in Brazil, which is considered the main pairty within the richt-wing spectrum. It wis foondit in 1985 unner the name o Liberal Front Pairty (Partido da Frente Liberal, PFL) frae a dissidence o the defunct Democratic Social Pairty (PDS), successor tae the Naitional Renewal Alliance (Arena), the offeecial party durin the militar dictatorship o 1964-1985. It chynged tae its current name in 2007. The oreeginal name reflectit the pairty's support o free market policies,[3] rather than the identification wi internaitional liberal pairties. Instead, the pairty affiliatit itself tae the internaitional federations o Christian democratic (CDI) an conservative pairties (IDU). The Democrats' identification nummer is 25 an its colours are green, blue, an white.

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