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Democratic Unionist Party

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Democratic Unionist Party
LeaderEdwin Poots MLA
ChairmanThe Laird Morrow
FoonderIan Paisley
Depute LeaderThe Laird Dodds o Duncairn
Hoose o Commons Group LeaderJeffrey Donaldson MP
Foondit30 September 1971; 52 years ago (1971-09-30)
Precedit biProtestant Unionist Party
Heidquarters91 Dundela Avenue
BT4 3BU[1]
IdeologyBreetish naitionalism[2]
Naitional conservatism[3]
Richt-weeng populism[5]
Social conservatism[3][6][7]
Poleetical poseetionRicht-weeng[9][10][11]
House of Commons
(NI seats)
8 / 18
Hoose o Lairds
4 / 792
NI Assemlie
27 / 90
Local government in Northern Ireland[12]
122 / 462

Tha Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is a unionist poleetical pairty in Norlin Airlan. It wis foundit in 1971 durin tha Truibils bi Ian Paisley, wha led tha pairty fur tha neist 37 yeir. Noo led bi Edwin Poots, it haes, bi a nairae margin o yin, tha maist seats in tha Norlin Airlan Assemlie an is tha fift-lairgest pairty in tha Hoose o Commons o tha Unitit Kinrick

Tha DUP evolvit frae tha Protestant Unionist Party an haes historically strang links tae tha Free Presbyterian Kirk o Ulster, tha kirk Paisley foondit. Durin tha Truibils, tha DUP war opponed tae pouer-sharin wi Erse naitionalists tae redd up tha conflict, an likeweys rejectit attempts tae inrowe tha Republic o Ireland intae Norlin Erse affairs.  It campaignit agin tha Sunningdale Greeance o 1985, an tha Guid Fryday Greeance o 1998. In 2006, tha DUP co-signit tha St Andras Greeance an agreit tae share pouer wi tha republican Sinn Féin wha agreit tae support tha polis service, coorts, an rule o laa.[13]

Tha pairty haes bin linkit tae various loyalist paramilitary groups, sic as Ulster Resistance (URM) and Third Force.[14][15][16] Tha URM wis formit oan 10 November 1986 bi DUP politicians Paisley, Peter Robinson an Ivan Foster, wi tha statit aim tae "take direct action as and when required" tae brin doun tha Greeance an defeat republicanism.[17] Recruitment rallies war haudit in toons ootower Norlin Airlan an thousands war said tae hae jynt. Tha follaein yeir, tha URM helpit smuggle a lairge shipment o wappans intae Norlin Airlan, whit war sharit oot atween tha URM, tha Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) an tha Ulster Defence Association (UDA). In 1989, URM members attemptit tae trade Shorts' missile blueprints fur wappans frae tha apartheid Sooth African regime.

Tha pairty haes bin descreived as richt-weeng an socially conservative, bein anti-abortion an oppones same-sex mairiage.[18] In 1977, Paisley launched the Save Ulster from Sodomy campaign tae oppone the decriminalisation o homosexuality (whit cam tae pass in 1982).[19] Tha DUP sees itsel as defendin Britishness an Ulster Protestant cultur agin Erse naitionalism. Tha pairty is Eurosceptic an durin tha Brexit referendum it supportit tha UK leavin tha European Union.[20][21]

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