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Free Presbyterian Kirk o Ulster

Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge
Free Presbyterian Kirk o Ulster
OrientaitionFundamentalist Calvinism
ModeratorGordon Dane
AssociationsWhitefield College o the Bible
RegionUnitit Kinrick (maistlins Norlan Airlan)[1]
FoonderIan Paisley
Oreegin17 March 1951
Crossgar, Norlan Airlan
Separatit fraePresbyterian Kirk in Airlan
SeparationsFree Presbyterian Kirk o North America
  • 61 (Norlan Airlan)[2]
  • 22 (elsewhaur)[3]
Offeecial wabsteidwww.freepresbyterian.org

The Free Presbyterian Kirk o Ulster is a Christian denomination foundit bi Ian Paisley in 1951.[note 1] Doctrinally, the Kirk descrieves itssel as fundamentalist, evangelical, an separatist.  Maist o its members bide in Norlan Airlan, whaur the Kirk is heidquarterit, an in Coontie Dunnygal.  The Kirk haes additional congregations in the Republic o Airlan, Great Bretane an Australie,[3] an a sister denomination in North America that haes congregations in Canada an the Unitit States.  It forby haes a sister denomination in Nepal whilk wes formit fae the Nepal mission tae the Unreachit in November 2013.[4]

The moderator o the General Assemlie o the kirk the nou is Rev. Gordon Dane, minister o the foundin kirk in Crossgar.  John Armstrong is moderator-depute the nou.

Foondins[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Free Presbyterian Kirk o Ulster began on 17 Mairch 1951 (St. Petherick's Day) as the affcome o a stramash atween antrin members o the local Lissara Presbyterian[5] congregation in Crossgar, Countie Doun, Norlan Airlan, an the Doun Presbytery o the Presbyterian Kirk in Airlan. At a meetin on 8 Januar 1951, the Doun Presbytery baurt the elders o the local congregation fae usin the kirk hall fur a gospel mission.  When twa elders refusit tae accept the Presbytery decision, thay war immediately suspendit.  As a affcome o thir dis-greeance wi the Presbytery, five o the seven session members, aw the Sunday Scuil teachers, an 60 members o the kirk-fowk withdrew fae the Doun Presbytery an the Presbyterian Kirk in Airlan.[6]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. As weil as foundin the Free Presbyterian Kirk, Paisley forby foundit the Democratic Unionist Party, awtho the Kirk isna officially linked, an DUP politicians arena necessarily Kirk members.

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