Democratic Pairty (Italy)

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Democratic Pairty
Partito Democratico
SecretarNicola Zingaretti
Deputy SecretarPaola De Micheli
Andrea Orlando
PresesPaolo Gentiloni
SpokespersonMarianna Madia
Foondit14 October 2007
Merger oDemocrats o the Left,
The Daisy, minor pairties
HeidquartersLargo del Nazareno,
Via S. Andrea delle Fratte 16

00186 Roum
Youth weengYoung Democrats
Membership  (2014)366,641[1]
IdeologySocial democracy[2]
Christian left[2][3]
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left[4][5][6]
Internaitional affiliationProgressive Alliance
European affiliationPairty o European Socialists
European Pairlament groupProgressive Alliance o Socialists an Democrats
Colours     Reid
Chamber o Deputies
89 / 630
37 / 320
European Pairlament
19 / 73
Regional Government
14 / 20

The Democratic Pairty (Italian: Partito Democratico, PD) is a social-democratic[8][9] poleetical pairty in Italy.

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