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Chamber o Deputies (Italy)

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Chamber of Deputies
Camera dei Deputati
Lawer hoose o the Parliament o Italy
Preses o the Chamber
Roberto Fico, Five Starn Movement
Syne 24 March 2018
Poleetical groups
Govrenment (517)
  •      M5S (158)
  •      LSP (133)
  •      PD (94)
  •      FI (79)
  •      IV (26)
  •      Mixed (13)
  •      LeU (11)

External support (42)[1]

  •      CI (21)
  •      Mixed (21)

Opposeetion Pairties (71)

Legge Rosato
Last election
4 March 2018
Meeting place
Palazzo Montecitorio, Roum

The Chamber of Deputies (Italian: Camera dei Deputati) is a hoose o the bicameral Pairlament o Italy (the ither bein the Senate o the Republic). The twa hooses thegither furm a perfect bicameral seestem, meanin thay perform identical functions, but dae so separately. Pursuant tae airticle 56 the Italian Constitution, the Chamber o Deputies haes 630 seats, o which 618 are electit frae Italian constituencies, an 12 frae Italian ceetizens livin abroad. Deputies meet in the Palazzo Montecitorio. Established in 1948, it takes up the similar body inherited from the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 known until the Unification as the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Sardinia and which in 1939 was suppressed by Fascism to be replaced by the Chamber of Fasci and Corporations. After the fall of fascism during the Second World War and the consequent transformation of Italy into a republic at the end of the conflict, the new Constitution of 1948 restored the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic with a view to creating a perfect bicameral system. The Chamber is made up of 630 members elected with a mixed majority / proportional system; with the constitutional law of 2019, confirmed by referendum on 20 September 2020, its consistency was changed to 400 members; the change is destined to come into force on the first electoral deadline for the renewal of the parliament. Like the Senate, the House is normally elected every five years except in cases of election before the deadline; to 2021 it is in its eighteenth parliamentary term and is chaired by the deputy Roberto Fico since 24 March 2018.

  1. These parties positively support the government in legislative acts and motions of confidence, despite having no member of the government structure.