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David J. Thouless

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David Thouless
Thouless in 2016
BornDavid James Thouless
21 September 1934(1934-09-21)
Bearsden, Scotland[1]
Dee'd6 Aprile 2019 (aged 84)
Cambridge, Ingland
ResidenceUnitit Kinrick[2]
NaitionalityBreetish, Scots
CitizenshipUnitit Kinrick
Alma mater
Kent for
Hauf-marrae(s)Margaret Elizabeth Scrase (m. 1958)
Scientific career
FieldsCondensed matter pheesics
ThesisThe application of perturbation methods to the theory of nuclear matter (1958)
Doctoral advisorHans Bethe
Notable studentsJ. Michael Kosterlitz (postdoc)[2]

David James Thouless FRS[3] (/ˈdvd ˈmz ˈθlɛs/, born 21 September 1934; deed 6 Aprile 2019)[5] wis a Scots condensed-matter pheesicist.[6] He is a winner of the Wolf Prize an laureate o the 2016 Nobel Prize for pheesics alang wi F. Duncan M. Haldane an J. Michael Kosterlitz for theoretical discoveries o topological phase transeetions an topological phases o matter.[7][8][9]

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