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Coordinates: 55°55′10″N 4°20′01″W / 55.9195°N 4.3337°W / 55.9195; -4.3337

Scots Gaelic: Cille Phàdraig Ùr
Bearsden Burgh Coat of Arms
The Coat o Airms o Bearsden Burgh, 1959-75.
Bearsden is located in East Dunbartonshire

 Bearsden shown within East Dunbartonshire
Population 27,967 
OS grid reference NS542720
Cooncil aurie East Dunbartonshire
Lieutenancy aurie Dunbartonshire
Kintra Scotland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun GLASGOW[1]
Postcode destrict G61
Diallin code 0141
Polis Scots
Fire Scots
Ambulance Scots
EU Pairlament Scotland
UK Pairlament East Dunbartonshire
Scottish Parliament Strathkelvin an Bearsden
Leet o places

Bearsden is a toun in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland. A suburb on the northwastern fringe ay Glesga, aboot sex myle (9.7 km) frae the ceety centur, wi mony o the hooses bildit efter 1863.

The Roman Antonine Waw runs throu the toun an remains ay a military bath hoose lie near the centur. In 1649 the first kirk wis buildit, an the heid men o the parochine trystit thaur. The toun's official gaelic nam Cille Phàdraig Ùr reflects the nam o the parochine. By the earlie twentiet century, a toun hud groon up wi muckle toun-hooses, maistly abided in by rich fowk. Mair affordable hoosin has eikit the fowk o the toun tae aboot 28,000 an it is aye affluent the nou.

Aince a burgh, East Dunbartonshire Cooncil is nou burdin-taker fur the govirnance o the toun, an haes offices at Boclair Hoose. The Scots motto on the Bearsden coat o airms is Bear the Gree.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Roman Antonine Waw runs throu the toun an the remains o its military bath hoose lie near Bearsden Cross. Mony years efter the Romans went Sooth tae Hadrian's waw, lairds lik the Douglases o Mains usit the lain for ferms (mains means the ferm lains aboot a mansioun hoose). In 1649, Kilpatrick parochine wis dividit in twa an the ainst New (Eister) Kilpatrick parochine kirk wis buildit (an a richt barnie kickt aff that haed to be sortit by the pairliament).[2][3] The heid yins o the parochine (minister an heritors) trystit thaur,[4] an in 1672 a faire for buying and selling hors, nolt, sheepe, meall, malt, cloath, linning, wooll an such lyke comodities wis foundit an thence kept twice yeirly.[5] The toun's official gaelic nam Cille Phàdraig Ùr reflects the nam ay the parochine.

By the nineteent centurie, the ryches o Glesga merchants haed eikit the value o the lain ayont the toun fur hooses. The layin doun o the railway in 1863 meant the lyk culd abide in Bearsden an conduct thir comerce in Glesga. By the earlie twentiet century, a toun hud groon up wi muckle toun-hooses aboot the railway station, maistly abided in by rych fowk. Bearsden station was so namit (efter a wee hoose near tae it) so passengers wudnae git intae a guddle twixt New Kilpatrick an Auld Kilpatrick; this then becam the nam fowk usit fur the new toun.[6] In 1958, Bearsden toun wis made a Burgh, then in 1975, it wis made pairt o Bearsden & Milngavie District Cooncil. Syn 1996, it is yin o the five touns o East Dunbartonshire Cooncil.

Govirnance[eedit | eedit soorce]

Boclair House, umwhile Buchanan Retreat, Bearsden, bildit 1890. It is usit the nou by East Dunbartonshire Cooncil's Education Department

Bearsden maks twa East Dunbartonshire Cooncil wards (thaur are eicht in aw), callit Bearsden North an Bearsden South. Each ward ellects three cooncillors by a single transferable vote system.

Bearsden North is pairt o the Clydebank and Milngavie constituency in the Scots Pairlament. The Commissioner (CSP) is Gil Paterson (SNP);[7] ellectit on 5th May 2011. Bearsden South is pairt o the Strathkelvin and Bearsden constituency in the Scots Pairlament. The CSP is Fiona McLeod (SNP);[7] ellectit on 5th May 2011.

Baith consituencies mak pairt o the West o Scotland regional leet in the Scots Pairlament. The toun is an aw pairt o the East Dunbartonshire constituency o the Pairlament o Great Breetain in Lunnon. The MP is Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrat) the nou.[8]

Airts o the toun[eedit | eedit soorce]

Airts o Bearsden, lik they in mony ither touns, dinnae haw clear boundaries; whaur aince, places lik Kessington wis a few hooses thegither surroundit by fairm land, thay noo merge wi ither airts, lik Killermont. Generalie, the airts o Bearsden can be describet as follows:

  • Bearsden Cross lies at the gey centur o the toun, at the joining o Roman Road an Drymen Road, an umwhile kent as New Kirk, as kin be seen oan postcards frae the earlie twentiet century.[9]
  • Old Bearsden describes the area whaur big country hooses huv lang syn bin demolishit an rebildit (afore 1930) intae some o the maist desirable areas o the land wi muckle sandstone villas. The term generally includes Bearsden Cross.
  • Westerton is tae the Soothwast o th toun, an is maistly the conservation area o 1920s buildings, shaps, a leebrar an kirk aroond Maxwell Avenue, huvin clear boundaries wi Glesca.
  • Castlehill an Baljaffray lie tae the Nor’wast o the toun, an maistly compose of post-1970 developments, bit the names ur muckle older.
  • Mosshead lies tae the North o the toun, haein a border wi Milngavie.
  • Hillfoot lies tae the Eist o the toun centur, an wis wance a muckle hoose, demolishit and bildit oan in the foremaist hauf of the 20th century.
  • Kessington an Killermont cover the remainder o the Eist o Bearsden.
  • Chapelton is shown on some o the oldest maps o the area tae the Sooth o the toun centur. Wance juist a few hooses oan Drymen Road, the area noo extends atween Milngavie Road, Drymen Road an Roman Road.
  • Tae the Sooth an Wast o Chapelton is Canniesburn, aince the site o a tollhoose an smithy, nou a muckle great roondaboot. Canniesburn Hospital wis demolishit in 2007 an fancy hooses staun in its steid.

Leeshure[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scoutin an Girlguidin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thaur ur twa Scout Groups in Bearsden. The 24t Glesga (Bearsden) Scout Group, wis foundit in January 1908.[10] an is yin o the mucklest Groups in the UK wi fower Beaver Colonies, fower Cub Packs, twa Scout Troops an an Explorer Unit, as weel as providin a meetin steid fur Scout Network.[11][12]

The 183rd Glesga Scout Group, wis foundit in 1947 by the Hame Guard an haes twa Beaver Colonies, twa Cub Packs, yin Scout Troop an an Explorer Unit. It haes ower 130 members the nou.[13]. Baith groups ur pairt o the Clyde Region o the Scout Association

Girlguidin is an aw active in Bearsden, wi units based at Killermont parochine kirk an at the Guide Hut oan Pendicle Road. Baith ur members o Girlguiding Dunbartonshire.

Boys' Brigade[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bearsden haes three Boys' Brigade Companies. The 1st Bearsden Company wis foundit in 1898. The 2nd Bearsden Company, attachit tae the Westerton parochin kirk wis foundit in 1957. The 3rd Bearsden Company is attachit tae the Killermont parochine kirk.[14]

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