Varsity o Washington

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Varsity o Michigan
University of Washington Quad, Spring 2007.jpg
Motto Lux sit[1]
Motto in Inglis
Let there be light
Established 1861
Type Flagship
Endowment $2.968 billion (2016)[2]
Preses Ana Mari Cauce
Academic staff
Admeenistrative staff
Students 46,081[3]
Unnergraduates 31,418[3]
Postgraduates 14,663[3]
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
47°39′18″N 122°18′29″W / 47.655°N 122.308°W / 47.655; -122.308Coordinates: 47°39′18″N 122°18′29″W / 47.655°N 122.308°W / 47.655; -122.308
Campus Urban, 703 acres (2.8 km2)
Colors Purple & Gold[4]
Athletics NCAA Division IPac-12
Nickname Huskies
University of Washington signature.svg

The Varsity o Washington (UW, Washington, or U-Dub) is a public resairch varsity in Seattle, Washington, Unitit States.

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