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Dastakert is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 39°22′06″N 46°02′12″E / 39.36833°N 46.03667°E / 39.36833; 46.03667
Kintra Armenie
Province (Marz)Syunik
Ceety status1951
 • MayorNayiri Filosyan
 • Total10.26 km2 (3.96 sq mi)
2050 m (6,730 ft)
 • Total303
 • Density30/km2 (76/sq mi)
Time zoneGMT +4
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Dastakert (Armenie: Դաստակերտ) is a toun in the Syunik Province (marz) o Armenie. It is locatit on a distance o 236 km sooth tae the caipital Yerevan an 127 km north-wast tae the ceety o Kapan. Dastakert wis kent as a toun syne 1951. The toun is situatit on the fuit o the muntain Airy, at the ruit o the river Dastakert, on a hicht o 2050 metres abuin sea level. Dastakert wis first mentioned as a veelage in the history bi Stepanos Orbelian in 12-13t centuries.[2] Dastakert forms an urban community (municipality). The Naitional Statistical Service o the Republic o Armenie (ARMSTAT) reportit its population wis 303 in 2010,[3] up frae 287 at the 2001 census.[4]

In 1951 Dastakert haes gaind the status o toun, an in 1952 the copper-molybdenum plant wis biggit thare. In 1968, durin the Soviet heyday, thare wur 4000 residents in Dastakerd. Efter the copper-molybdenum plant shut its doors in 1975, the population haes hairskly declined, an aw that remained frae the toun's buim period wis anerlie its status as an urban commonty. Nouadays, anerlie 303 residents live in Dastakert. Maist residents are refugees frae Azerbaijan. 2-3 childer are born in Dastakerd on a yearly basis.[5]

Currently, 1 seicontary schuil, 1 cultural centre, a muisical schuil an a leebrar are regularly operatin in the toun. There is a lithographic inscription 2 km north o the dounset on a rock cried Vardapet-Stone.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1995, the govrenment o unthirlt Armenie, reaffirmit the status of Dastakert as a toun athin the Syunik province. Anerlie 8% o the toun's residents hae jobs, maistly in the post office, the municipality an the schuil. A branch o Zangezour copper-molybdenum plant wi its ore-dressin mill wis biggit on the base o the auld copper-molybdenum plant of Dastakert.

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