Nerqin Khndzoresk

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Nerqin Khndzoresk
Ներքին Խնձորեսկ
Nerqin Khndzoresk is locatit in Armenia
Nerqin Khndzoresk
Nerqin Khndzoresk
Coordinates: 39°30′22″N 46°29′46″E / 39.50611°N 46.49611°E / 39.50611; 46.49611
Kintra Armenie
Marz (Province) Syunik
 • Total 6.18 km2 (2.39 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 321
 • Density 52/km2 (130/sq mi)
Time zone   (UTC+4)
 • Simmer (DST)   (UTC+5)
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Nerqin Khndzoresk (Armenie: Ներքին Խնձորեսկ, Romanisit as Nerkin Khndzoresk an aw) is a veelage an rural commonty (municipality) in the Syunik Province o Armenie. The Naitional Statistical Service o the Republic o Armenie (ARMSTAT) reportit its population wis 321 in 2010,[2] up frae 184 at the 2001 census.[3]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The veelage wis foondit in 1983 as a result o resizin o the bigger veelage o Khndzoresk. Efter the creation o Khndzoresk, Nerqin wis established tae strengthen the sootheastren borders o Armenie an wis strategically placit belaw the lairger veelage tae prevent enemies frae attackin. Housomeivver, ony expansion an maintenance o the aurie ceased efter the faw o the Soviet Union.

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