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Nobel prize medal.svg Dario Fo
Dario Fo-Cesena.jpg
Dario Fo in Cesena
Born 24 Mairch 1926(1926-03-24)
Leggiuno Sangiano, Varese, Italy
Thrift Playwricht, actor, director, componer
Period Post-war era
Genre Drama
Subject Abortion, assassinations, conspicuous consumption, corruption, drog addiction, European history, mechanisation, organised crime, pouer, racism, Roman Catholic theology, sexism, war
Notable warks The Virtuous Burglar
Archangels Don't Play Pinball
Mistero Buffo
Accidental Death of an Anarchist
Can't Pay? Won't Pay!
Trumpets and Raspberries
Elizabeth: Almost by Chance a Woman
The Pope and the Witch
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Leeteratur
Spoose Franca Rame (m. 1954; d. 2013)
Bairns Jacopo Fo


Dario Fo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdaːrjo ˈfɔ]; born 24 Mairch 1926; died 13 October 2016) wis an Italian actor-playwricht, comedian, sangster, theatre director, stage designer, sangwriter, penter an poleetical campaigner o the Italian extremist left-weeng, recipient o the 1997 Nobel Prize in Leeteratur.[1] He died on 13 October 2016, the same day that Bob Dylan wis annoonced as the winner o that year's Nobel Prize in Leeteratur.

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