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Costa Rica naitional fitbaw team

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Costa Rica
La Sele
AssociationCosta Rican Football Federation
Sub-confederationUNCAF (Central America)
Heid coachRónald González Brenes
CaiptainBryan Ruiz
Maist kaipsWalter Centeno (137)
Tap scorerRolando Fonseca (47)
Hame stadiumEstadio Nacional
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 46 Increase 4 (20 Julie 2023)[1]
Heichest17 (May 2003)
Lawest93 (July 1996)
Elo rankin
Current 51 Decrease 15 (17 Julie 2023)[2]
Heichest14 (March 1960)
Lawest81 (March 1983)
First international
 Costa Rica 7–0 El Salvador 
(Guatemala City, Guatemala; 14 September 1921)
Biggest win
 Costa Rica 12–0 Puerto Rico 
(Barranquilla, Colombia; 10 December 1946)
Biggest defeat
 Mexico 7–0 Costa Rica Costa Rica
(Mexico City, Mexico; 17 August 1975)
Warld Cup
Appearances4 (first in 1990)
Best resultQuarter-finals: 2014
CONCACAF Championship
& Gold Cup
Appearances15 (first in 1963)
Best resultWinners  : 1963, 1969,
Copa América
Appearances4 (first in 1997)
Best resultQuarter-finals: 2001 & 2004

The Costa Rica naitional fitbaa team, elk-namit La Sele, is the naitional team o Costa Rica an is controlled bi the Federación Costarricense de Fútbol.

Costa Rica are the current Central American champions efter winnin the 2014 edeetion o the toornament. Costa Rica is the maist successful naitional fitbaa team in the history o Central Americae, wi aicht championships: 1991, 1997, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2013 an 2014. They are ane o the maist successful team in CONCACAF wi three titles an aw. Costa Rica is the anerly naitional team in Central Americae tae hae played in fower FIFA Warld Cup edeetions. Costa Rica's naitional fitbaa team haes the aw-time heichest average Football Elo Ranking in Central Americae wi 1597.1, an the aw-time heichest Football Elo Ranking in Central America, wi 1806 in 2014.

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