Coonty Monaghan

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Coonty Monaghan
Contae Mhuineacháin
Motto(s): Dúthracht agus Dícheall  (Erse)
"Diligence an Best Endeavour"
Location of Coonty Monaghan
Kintra Ireland
Province Ulster
Dáil Éireann Cavan-Monaghan
EU Parliament East
Coonty seat Monaghan
 • Teep Coonty Cooncil
 • Total 1,294 km2 (500 sq mi)
Aurie rank 27t
Population (2011)[1] 60,483
 • Rank 29t
Caur plates MN

Coonty Monaghan (Erse:Contae Mhuineacháin) is a coonty o the Republic o Ireland in the kintra o Ulster, namit efter the toun o Monaghan.

Coonty Monaghan haes a aerie o 1294 km² an haes 55.816 indwallers.

The coonty is sooth o Coonty Tyrone (NI), aneist Coonty Armagh (NI) tae the east, Coonty Louth tae the sooth-east, Coonty Meath tae the sooth, Coonty Cavan tae the sooth-weast an Coonty Fermanagh (NI) tae the wast.

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