Coonty Galway

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Coonty Galway
Contae na Gaillimhe
Coat o airms o Coonty Galway
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Ceart agus Cóir  (Erse)
"Richteousness an Juistice"
Location in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Kintra Ireland
Province Connacht
Dáil Éireann Galway East
Galway Wast
EU Parliament North-Wast
Coonty seat Galway
 • Teep Coonty Cooncil
 • Total 6,148 km2 (2,374 sq mi)
Aurie rank 2nt
Population (2011) 250,541
(175,127 excl. Galway Ceety)
 • Rank 5t
Code G

Coonty Galway (Erse: Contae na Gaillimhe) is ane o the twenty-sax coonties o the Republic o Ireland an ane o the thirty-twa coonties o Ireland. It is located in the province o Connacht. It wis named efter the ceety o Galway (Erse: Gaillimh). There ar several strongly Erse-spikin areas (gaeltachts) in the wast o the coonty. The population o the coonty is 231,670 accordin tae the 2006 census.

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