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Eyre Squerr
Eyre Squerr
Coat of airms o Galway
Coat airms
"Ceety o the Tribes"
Laudatio Ejus Manet In Secula Seculorum[1]  (Latin)
"His Praise Remains unto Ages of Ages"
Galway is located in Ireland
Galway Ceety in Ireland
Coordinates: 53°16′19″N 9°2′56″W / 53.27194°N 9.04889°W / 53.27194; -9.04889Coordinates: 53°16′19″N 9°2′56″W / 53.27194°N 9.04889°W / 53.27194; -9.04889
 • TeepCeety Cooncil
 • Mayor o GalwayTerry O'Flaherty[2]
 • LEAs3
 • Dáil ÉireannGalway Wast
 • European ParliamentNorth-Wast
 • City75,529
 • Urban
 • Demonym
Galwegian Tribesman
Time zoneUTC0 (WET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (IST)
Area code(s)091
Caur platesG

Galway (Erse: Gaillimh) is a ceety on the wast coast o Ireland. It haes a population o 72,414 fowk an is the thrid muckle maist ceety in the Republic o Ireland.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Galway wis foondit in 1124 bi the Keeng o Connacht, Tairrdelback Ua Conchobair, an cried Dún Bhun na Gaillimhe, Erse for "Fort at the Fit o the Gailimh". A toun grew aboont the fort. In the 1230's, Galway wis captured bi the Normans, the Normans war gien provost status bi the Inglis croun in 1484. Houaniver, thay didna git on wi the native Erse, no lattin thaim in the ceety athoot permeesion. The fowk that ran the ceety wis kent as the Tribes o Galway, thay war fowerteen merchand faimlies (12 Norman, 2 Erse). Galway's herbour became the main centre o troke frae Fraunce an Spain. Galway wis for ordinar agin Inglis rule, an in the Cromwellian Conquest o Ireland wis anerly captured efter a nine month siege, an thay supportit the Jacobites in the Williamite War. Efter the war, they ceety's economy dwined. Galway suffered again in the 19t century endue tae the muckle Erse Faimin. A university wis biggit ine 1845, than kent as Queen's University o Ireland. Galway wis for ordinar no ower inrowed durin the Erse War o Unthirldom, this wis endue tae the muckle Breetish Airmy presence in the ceety. But local trokers did stairt the boycott agin Nothren Erse guids. Durin the Ceevil War the ceety wis occupee'd by Erse Free State troops. Nouadays Galway is a thrang ceety, wi mony veesitors tae the ceety ilka year.

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