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Freguesia de São Francisco Xavier


Saunt Francis Xavier Pairish
Hac Sa Bay Park
Hac Sa Bay Park
Saunt Francis Xavier Pairish in Macau
Saunt Francis Xavier Pairish in Macau
KintraMacau, Cheenae
RegionMunicipality o the Islands
Time zoneUTC+8 (Macau Staundart)
Area code(s)0
Coloane Island
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese路環島
Simplified Chinese路环岛
Jyutpinglou6 waan4 dou2
Leeteral meaninRoad Ring Island
Portuguese name
PortugueseIlha de Coloane
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese聖方濟各堂區
Simplified Chinese圣方济各堂区
JyutpingSing3 Fong1 Zai2 Go3 Tong4 Koe1
Portuguese name
PortugueseFreguesia de São Francisco Xavier

Coloane is ane o the twa main islands o the Macau special admeenistrative region, locatit directly sooth o Macau's ither main island, Taipa (氹仔, Dàngzǎi), an east o Hengqin Island o Zhuhai in Guangdong province.

Coloane wis kent in Cantonese as Gau Ou Saan (九澳山, lit. "Nine-inlet Muntain", transcribit in Portuguese as Ká-Hó) an Yim Zou Waan (鹽灶灣, lit. "Salt-stove Bay"). The Portuguese name "Coloane" is derivit frae the Cantonese pronunciation o Gwo Lou Waan (過路環, lit. "Passing-road Ring").

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coloane haes a aurie o 8.07 km² (4-km lang) an is 5.6 km frae the Macau Peninsula. It is connectit tae Taipa bi a 2.2 km causewey, the Estrada dae Istmo, houiver laund reclamation haes pheesically connectit the twa islands an a new toun cried Cotai haes been biggit atween Taipa an Coloane, which is hame tae the Cotai Strip an mony ither casinos unner development.

The narraeest pairt o Coloane is 300 metres. The heichest pynts in Macau are eastren an central Coloane, wi the heichest pynt bein the 171-metre Alto de Coloane (Chin.: 疊石塘山, Port.: Alto de Coloane ). The northren shore o the island is 4.5 m deep, an is the steid o the Macau Deepwater Port. The eastren Hac Sa Beach (Chin.: 黑沙海灘, Port.: Baía de Hác Sá) an the soothren Cheoc Van Bay (Chin.: 竹灣, Port.: Baía de Cheoc Van) are popular soummin beaches. At Baía de Hác Sá thare is a Portuguese restaurant cried "Fernandos", famous amangst locals in Macau an tourists frae Hong Kong.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae the Song Dynasty onwairds an till the Portuguese arrival in 1864, Coloane wis a sea saut ferm for Cheenae. Efter thair arrival, the Portuguese made Macau an important tradin port, but Coloane remained desertit, which wis uised as a base bi pirates till 1910. The island haes acome mair populatit efter the Estrada dae Istmo wis feenished in 1969.

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Famous steids on the island include:

  • Tam Kung Temple (譚公廟), dedicatit tae Lord Tam, a Taoist god o seafares
  • Old Tin Hau Temple (天后古廟)
  • A-Ma Statue (媽祖像), biggit on 28 October 1998 (lunar calendar: 9 September)
  • Kirk o Oor Lady o Sorrows, Ká-Hó (九澳七苦聖母小堂)
  • Chapel o St. Francis Xavier (聖方濟各聖堂), o the São Francisco Xavier Pairish (聖方濟各堂區). The chapel, biggit in 1928, is locatit on the soothren coast o the island an staunds near a monument commemoratin a victory ower pirates in 1910. The chapel uised tae contain some o the maist saucrit Christian relics in Asie, includin the remains o 26 foreign an Japanese Catholic priests who wur crucifee'd in Nagasaki in 1597, as well as those o some o the Japanese Christians who wur killed durin the Shimabara Rebellion in 1637. Amang them wis a bane frae the airm o St. Francis Xavier, who dee'd in 1552 on Sanchuan Island, 50 mile (80 km) frae Macau, afore it wis transferred tae Saunt Joseph's Seminar an the Sacred Airt Museum [1] Archived 2006-09-04 at the Wayback Machine.
  • Museum o Natur an Agricultur (土地暨自然博物館)
  • Avenida de Cinco de Outubro (十月初五馬路)
  • Hac Sa Bay Park an Coloane Park

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