Sé, Macau

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Freguesia da Sé


Cathedral Pairish
Macau Touer
Macau Touer
Cathedral Pairish in Macau
Cathedral Pairish in Macau
KintraMacau, Cheenae
RegionMunicipality o Macau
Time zoneUTC+8 (Macau Staundart)
Area code(s)0
Freguesia da Sé
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese大堂區
Simplified Chinese大堂区
JyutpingDaai6 Tong4 Koe1
Hanyu PinyinDà Tángqū
Portuguese name
PortugueseFreguesia da Sé

Freguesia da Sé is a sootheast pairish o the Macau Peninsula. It is the seicont lairgest peninsular destrict in Macau efter Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The pairish aurie is namit for Igreja da Sé.

Its wastren pairt is the historic financial centre o Macau. Praia Grande Central Business Destrict (南灣中心商業區) is in sooth-central pairt o the destrict. Aw o the banks (ower 20) in Macau hae offices here.

Quality restaurants, 4-starn an 5-starn hotels are maistly locatit in this destrict. Heich-rise biggins are locatit on the eastren pairt, which was reclaimed frae sea. The eastren edge is the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal.

  • Aurie: 1.43 km² (21% o the peninsula)
  • Population: 29,000 (least populatit region on the peninsula)
  • Population densitie: 20,881 persons per km² (the least on the peninsula)

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