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buik shap an hou wad that be soondit?

ui is for ordinar uised for vouel 7. Beuk disna hae vouel 7 but vouel 14 tho that itsel is a bittie misleadin. Whit ye hae here is the affcome o vouel 7 afore /k/ an /x/. Historically aw fae Anglo-Saxon lang /o:/.

Shop haes vouel 12 the spellin shap maks on it wad hae vouel 17. shop pits ower vouel 12 a hail sicht better nor shap.

Tak a keek at the IPA chairt for Scots

A dinnae ken whit it wad soond lik yit A've seen it screiven "buik" an "shap"...Chynge it a'm no a native speaker. Nou Uiserr

Ye'll see a lot o Scots written bi fowk that disna ken whit they're daein!

Whit for did ye chynge thay tae "they"? Thay tae ma mind wad soond the same, an it wis uised bi more fowk nor me. Nou Uiserr

A Chynged the tae they in Forby the rent oot DVDs tae Forby thon they rent oot DVDs for tae redd whit A thocht wis a typo forby the ill grammar.