W.H. Smith Ltd

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Public (LSESMWH)
Industrie Retail
Foondit Lunnon (1792)
Heidquarters Swindon, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Walker Boyd (Chairman)
Kate Swann (CEO)
Revenue £1,243 million (2012)[1]
£102 million (2012)[1]
Profit £84 million (2012)[1]
Nummer o employees
16,858 (2010)
Wabsteid www.whsmithplc.co.uk

W.H. Smith Ltd is a beuk shop kent for thair monie locations aw ower the UK.

Thay are kent for sellin DVDs, CDs, Magazines, an Sweeties. Forby thon they rent oot DVDs.

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W.H. Smith Ltd