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Christmas Tree
Observed biChristians, mony non-Christians[1][2]
TeepChristian, Cultur
SigneeficanceAnniversary o the Nativity o Jesus
CelebrationsGien gifts, family gatherin's, decoratin the hoose, feastin, etc.
Date25 Dizember[3]
FrequencyWance a year
Relatit taeYuil, Christenmas Eve, Boxin Day

Christmas or Yuil day is wan o the maist well-kent Christian halidays. It comes oan 25 Dizember. Fur ordinar, the date that is jaloused as that o Jesus' birth. In Eastren Orthodox Kirks, it is celebratit oan 6 or 7 Januar.[4][5]

Durin Christmas, a tree is pit up, decoratit wi decorations such as lichts, streamers, an baubles.

The tradeetional Christmas narrative fae the New Testament says thit Jesus wis born in Bethlehem.[6] Whan Mary an Joseph won tae the ceetie, the in didnae hiv ony rooms, an war gien a stable whaur the bairn wis born, wi angels affirmt the news tae shepards. The separds than pit the wird oot aboot it.[7]

See tho the month an date o Jesus' birth isnae kent, the kirk in the early 4t yearhunner pit the date at 25 Dizember.[8][9][10] This matches the date o the winter solstice on the Roman calendar.[11] Maist Christians celebrate on 25 Dizember in the Gregorian calendar. This is haes been taen on aw ower in secular calendars uised in kintras oothrou the warld. Hounaiver, some Eastren Christian Kirks celebrate Christmas on 25t Dizember on the aulder Julian calenders, equivalent tae Januar 7 on the Gregorian Calendar.

For Christians, believin thit God came intae the warld as man tae pey fur Humanitie's sins, raither nor kennin Jesus' exact birth day, is seen tae be the primary purpose in delebratin Christmas.[12][13][14]

The celebrations performed durin Christmas in sindry kintra ur a mix o pre-Christian, Christian an secular themes an oreegins. [15]

Faur ben weys o celebratin includin gien gifts; daein an Advent calendar or Advent wreath; Christmas muisic an carolin; seein a Nativity play; Gien Christmas cairds tae wan anither; Kirk services; a special meal; an pittin up sindry Christmas decorations, includin Christmas lichts, Nativity scenes, garlands, wreaths, mistletoe an holly.

As weel as that, twa-three closely relatit an aftern interchangable feegurs, kent as Santae Claus, Faither Christmas, Caunt Nicholas, an Christkind, ur associatit wi gien gifts tae bairns durin Yule, maistly Christmas Eve. Thay hiv thair ain lot o tradeetions an lair.[16]

Giein gifts an money ither pairts o the Chrstmas festival cause the economic acteevity tae rise, acause o this, the haily haes turnt intae a muckle event an a key sales period fur retailers an businesses. The economic impact fae Christmas haes grawn mair ower the past twa-three yearhunner in mony pairts in the warld.


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The gospels o Luke an Matthew pit Jesus as bein born in Bethlehem tae Virgin Mary. In Luke, Joseph an Mary won fae Nazareth til Bethlehem fur the census, an Jesus is born thare an pit doun in a manger.[17] Anglens affirmt him as the body tae hain aw fowk, an shepards came aboot tae adore him.

Matthew pits in thit tha magi follaw a star til Bethlehem tae gie gifts tae Jesus, born tae bnot twa year old in Bethlehem, but the familie gits awa til Egypt an returns back til Nazareth later on.


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