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Christenmas decorations

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A decoratit Christenmas tree.

A Christenmas decoration is ony kynd o decoration uised durin Yuiltime. Sic decorations are an important pairt o the Christenmas haliday. The tradeetional colours o Christenmas are green, white, an reid. Blue an white are aften uised tae represent winter. Thay can be uised tae represent Hanukkah forby, thit is aboot the same time. Kenspeckle haliday seembols include Babbie Jesus, Santae Claus, an the Starn o Bethlehem. Mony kintras hae different decorations dependin on thair tradeetions an the resoorces thay hae.

The day fur pittin up Christenmas decorations is sindry dependin on the place. In mony kintras, sic as Swaden, fowk stairt tae pit up thair decorations on the first day o Advent.[1] In the Unitit Kinrick, decorations are maistlins pit up in late November or early Dizember, naur the stairt o Advent. In the Unitit States, the tradeetional stairt o Yuiltime is Thanksgiein. In the Wastren Christian warld, the twa tradeetional days fur taein doun Christenmas decorations are Auld Yuil an Caunlemas. Gin thay'r no taen doun on Auld Yuil, thay shoud be left up till Caunlemas.[2]

The tradeetion o decoratin trees is said tae be awfie auld. Fur the Celts, trees war the seembol o life. Thay decoratit thaim fur midwinter.[3] Fowk fae Scandinavie daed this an aw, fur the Yuil festival, thit wis haudit aboot the ilk date as Christenmas. The Christenmas tree wis first uised by German Lutherans in the 16t yearhunner, wi records shawin thit a Christenmas tree wis pit in the Cathedral o Strasbourg in 1539, unner the guideship o the Protestant Reformer, Martin Bucer.[4][5]


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