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1881 illustration bi Thomas Nast wha, alang wi Clement Clarke Moore's poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", helped tae create the modren eemage o Santa Claus

Santae Claus, an aa kent as Saunt Nicholas, Saunt Nick, Kris Kringle, Faither Christmas, or simply Santae, is a legendary figur o Wastren cultur wha is said tae bring gifts tae the hames o well-behaved ("guid" or "nice") bairns on Christmas Eve (24 December) an the early morning oors o Christenmas Day (25 December).[1] The modren Santa Claus grew oot o tradeetions surroondin the historical Saunt Nicholas, a fowert-century Greek bishop an gift-gier o Myra, the Breetish figur o Faither Christenmas, the Dutch figur o Sinterklaas (himsel based on Saunt Nicholas), the German figur o the Christkind (a fabulised Christ Bairn), an the halidays o Twalft Nicht an Epiphany an thair associatit figurs o the Three Keengs (based on the gift-givin Magi o the Nativity) an Befana. Some mainteen Santae Claus an aa absorbed elements o the Germanic god Wodan, wha wis associatit wi the pagan midwinter event o Yule an led the Wild Hunt, a ghostly procession throu the sky.

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