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Location o Chita Oblast in Roushie prior tae the 2008 merger
Coat o airms o Chita Oblast
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Chita Oblast (Roushie: Чити́нская о́бласть) wis a federal subject o Roushie (an oblast) in sootheast Siberie, Roushie. Its admeenistrative centre wis the ceety o Chita. It haed extensive internaitional borders wi Cheenae (998 km) an Mongolie (868 km) an internal borders wi Irkutsk an Amur Oblasts, as well as wi the Buryat an the Sakha Republics. Its aurie wis 431,500 square kilometer (166,600 sq mi). Population: 1,155,346 (2002 Census);[1] 1,377,975 (1989 Census).[2]

The oblast wis established on 27 September 1937. On 1 Mairch 2008, Chita Oblast mergit wi Agin-Buryat Autonomous Okrug tae form Zabaykalsky Krai.

The territory that made up the umwhile Chita Oblast wis first splorit bi Cossacks led bi Pyotr Beketov in 1653. Fowk began tae muive intae an develop the aurie in order tae strenthen Roushie's border wi Cheenae an Mongolie, extract mineral resources, an build the Trans-Siberian Railway. In 1920, Chita became the caipital o the Far East Republic, which mergit wi Roushie in November 1922, a month afore the Soviet Union wis constitutit. In 1923, Chita Oblast wis formit.

The oblast wis rich in ferrous, nan-ferrous, rare, an precious metals, coal, charcoal, an mineral watters. Roushie's estimatit reserves o ores wi a heich uranium content are 145,400 tons. Maist o these deposits are locatit in the umwhile Chita Oblast, near Krasnokamensk, steid o the Priargunsky Minin an Chemical Combine (PMCC).[1] Archived 2006-12-15 at the Wayback Machine Forests cover aboot 60% o its territory. As a result, the oblast's main industries wur metallurgie, fuel, an timmer. It haed advancit licht an fuiod industries. Local agricultur focused on cattle, sheep, an reindeer breedin.

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Birth rate: Quite heich at 13.77 (2004), but still thare wur more deaths than births (2005 official figures).

The population wur maistly Roushies an Buryats, alang wi some Ukrainians an a few Evenks. Thare wur 1,000 Jews, who maistly speak Yiddish in the regional caipital. Accordin tae the 2002 census, Roushies made up 89.8% o the population while Buryats wur 6.1%. Ither significant groups wur Tatars (0.71%), Armenies (0.31%), Belarusians (0.26%), Azeri (0.18%), Evenks (0.13%), Nemts (0.11%), Chuvash (0.11%), Bashkirs (0.11%), Moldvin (0.07%), Mordvin (0.06%), Uzbek (0.06%) an Dargwa (0.05%).

In 2007, Chita Oblast recordit a sma natural population increase (+0.03% athoot takkin ony migration intae accoont), becomin ane o the anerlie twa Roushie federal subjects tae reverse its population decline in 2007. The ither federal subject wis Kamchatka Oblast, wi a NGPR of +0.005%. Chita Oblast is ane o anerlie twinty Roushie federal subjects tae hae a +ve natural growthe o population. [2] [3] But population o Chita actually decreased in 2007 due tae vera hivy emigration.

Vital Statistics for 2007:

  • Birth Rate: 14.63 per 1000
  • Daith Rate: 14.33 per 1000
  • Net Immigration: -3.2 per 1000
  • NGR: +0.03% per Year
  • PGR: -0.29% per Year

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