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Charles II Square
Banner o Charleroi
Coat of airms o Charleroi
Coat airms
Charleroi is located in Belgium
Location in Belgium
Location o Charleroi in the province o Hainaut
Coordinates: 50°24′N 04°26′E / 50.400°N 4.433°E / 50.400; 4.433Coordinates: 50°24′N 04°26′E / 50.400°N 4.433°E / 50.400; 4.433
CommunityFrench Community
 • MayorPaul Magnette (PS)
 • Govrenin pairty/iesPS, CDH, MR
 • Total102.95 km2 (39.75 sq mi)
 (1 January 2017)[1]
 • Total201,256
 • Density2,000/km2 (5,100/sq mi)
Postal codes
6000, 6001, 6010, 6020,
6030-6032, 6040-6044, 6060, 6061
Area codes071

Charleroi (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁləʁwa], Walloon: Tchålerwè) is a ceety an a municipality o Wallonie, locatit in the province o Hainaut, Belgium. Bi 1 Januar 2008, the tot population o Charleroi wis 201,593.[2] The metropolitan aurie, includin the ooter commuter zone, covers an aurie o 1,462 square kilometre (564 sq mi) wi a tot population o 522,522 bi 1 Januar 2008, rankin it as the 5t maist populous in Belgium efter Brussels, Antwerp, Liège an Ghent.[2][3] The indwallers are cried Carolorégiens or simply Carolos.

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