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Century brak

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Ronnie O'Sullivan haes scorit the maist century breaks i professional snooker tournaments.

I the sport o snooker, a "century brak" (whiles referrit tae as a ton) is a score o 100 pynts or mair within ane veesit at the table withoot missin a shot an requires pottin at least 25 consecutive balls.[1][2] The ability tae score century braks is regardit as a merk o the hichest skill i snooker, while the first career century haes been describit bi Ronnie O'Sullivan as the "ultimate milestone for any snooker player".[3]

Ower 20,000 century braks hae been recordit bi snooker players throuchout professional toornaments.[4] I 2014, Neil Robertson became the first bodi tae hae scorit ower 100 century frames throuch a single saison; a nummer thon anely some 60 ither players hae surpassit throuchout thair entire careers. Ronnie o'sullivan holds the record faer the maist career centuries wi mair nor 1000 century braks; his 1000th century brak wis achievit i the feenal frame o the 2019 players championship i preston.

Leet o players wi 100 confirmit century braks i professional competition[eedit | eedit soorce]


Threshold Player Ref
1000 Ingland O'Sullivan, RonnieRonnie O'Sullivan
750 Scotland Hendry, StephenStephen Hendry (775)
700 Scotland Higgins, JohnJohn Higgins
600 Australie Robertson, NeilNeil Robertson
550 Ingland Trump, JuddJudd Trump
Ingland Selby, MarkMark Selby
450 Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Ding Junhui
Hong Kong Fu, MarcoMarco Fu
Ingland Murphy, ShaunShaun Murphy
Wales Williams, MarkMark Williams
400 Northren Ireland Allen, MarkMark Allen
350 Ingland Davis, SteveSteve Davis (355)
300 Republic o Ireland Doherty, KenKen Doherty
Ingland Hawkins, BarryBarry Hawkins
250 Wales Stevens, MatthewMatthew Stevens
100 Ingland Thorne, WillieWillie Thorne (126)
Ingland Hunter, PaulPaul Hunter (114)
Ingland McCulloch, IanIan McCulloch (105)
Ingland Bond, NigelNigel Bond
Ingland King, MarkMark King
Retired Exact tally for a retirit player

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