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Busha is locatit in Ukraine
Location o Busha
Coordinates: 48°20′24″N 28°7′12″E / 48.34000°N 28.12000°E / 48.34000; 28.12000
Vinnytsia Oblast
Yampilskyi Raion
 • Total 2.87 km2 (1.11 sq mi)
Population 2001 census
 • Tot 847
 • Density 295.12/km2 (764.4/sq mi)
Postal code 24523
Aurie code(s) +380 4336

Busha (Ukrainian: Буша, Pols: Busza) is a veelage in Yampilskyi Raion, Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine. It got the status o a ceety in the early 17t century. In 1629 thare wur 2.000 fowk livin in this ceety.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historical settlements in the aurie date back tae several auncient ceevilizations, includin Cucuteni-Trypillian cultur, Scythiae, Chernyakhov cultur, an Auld East Slavic cultures.

Busha is kent in history acause o the Peace o Busza that wis signed in this veelage atween the Pols-Lithuanie Commonwalth an the Ottoman Empire on 23 September 1617. Durin the mid-17t century, the ceety, situatit in Bracław Voivodeship o the Pols-Lithuanie Commonwalth, wis the steid o several battles atween Poles an Ukrainian Cossacks an aw.

Efter the destruction o the fortress in November 1654 the ceety suin lost its status an wis degradit tae veelage. The veelage haes several historical monuments such as the ruins efter the 15-16t century fortress and a toun haw.

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

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