Brody Raion

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Brodivskyi Raion

Бродівський район
Banner o Brodivskyi Raion
Coat o airms o Brodivskyi Raion
Coat airms
Kintra Ukraine
RegionLviv Oblast
Admeen. centreBrody
 • Total23,239
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Aurie code380-3266
Website Brody

Brody Raion (Ukrainian: Бродівський район, translit: Brodivs’kyi raion) is a raion (destrict) o the Lviv Oblast (region) o Wastren Ukraine. Its admeenistrative centre is Brody.

The Ukrainian raion is locatit at the eastmaist portion o the Lviv Oblast borderin wi Rivne an Ternopil Oblasts tae its east, Volyn Oblast tae the north, Radekhiv destrict tae the northwast, Busk destrict tae the wast, an Zolochiv destrict tae the soothwast.

Historically, the destrict (coonty) became kent as border checkpoint atween Austrick-Hungary an the Roushie Empire. As a coonty (powiat) it wis established in 1866 as pairt o the Kinrick o Galicie an Lodomeria. Efter the Warld War I the aurie became pairt o the Seicont Pols Republic athin the Tarnopol Voivodeship. Durin the invasion o the Soviet forces, the destrict wis established bi the Soviet admeenistration.

The raion haes a ceety admeenistrative aurie, a "toun wi three ither veelages" admeenistrative aurie an 23 landwart cooncils which are formit oot o the rest o the 73 veelages. Some cooncils include up tae 10 veelages (Ponykva), while some consist anerly o a pair o veelages.

Landmarks o Airchitectur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ruins o Brody Castle wi Potocki Palace
  • Ruins o the Brody Castle, biggit bi Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan (1630-1635)
  • Kirk o Vozdvyzhenia Chesnoho Khresta (former kosciol, 1660)
  • Kirk o the Nativity o the Virgin Mary (1700s)
  • Kirk o Saint George (1700s)
  • Kirk o Holy Trinity (1750s)
  • Ruins o Brody Synagogue (1750s)
  • Jewish Cemetery in Brody
Pidhirtsi Castle
  • Pidhirtsi Castle, biggit bi Beauplan
    • Castle's kosciol
    • Inner court wi a solar clock
    • Castle's garden
  • Kirk o Saunt Michael (1700s)
  • 400 year auld linden tree
  • Plisnysko Gord
  • Order o Saunt Basil Monastery (1700s)
Dominican Monastery in Pidkamin
  • Dominican Order Monastery (Pidkamin)
    • Biggin o kosciol
    • Monastery cells
    • Defensive waws an bastions
    • Corinth column wi a statue o the Virgin Mary
  • Several touns chapels
  • Dominican cemetery
  • 17-metre taw rock, leftover o a sea reef
  • Firthen kosciol o Yazlivchyk (1930s)
  • Potocki Palace in Konyushkiv (1700s)
  • Cossack cemetery near Shnyriv (1651)
  • Kosciol ruins o the umwhile Order o Saunt Bernadine Monastery

Eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Brody Pedagogical College o Markian Shashkevych

Health Care[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Brody Central Destrict Hospital
  • Pidkamin Ceety Hospital
  • Zabolotsi Destrict Hospital
  • Dental Clinic

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