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Hlyniany (Ukrainian: Глиняни, Pols: Gliniany,Yiddish: גלינא Galina‎) is a smaw ceety in Lviv Oblast (province) o Ukraine. Population is 3,378 (2001).

The Jewish population wis 2,418 in 1910.[1]

In 1340, thegither wi whole Red Ruthenie, Hlyniany became pairt o the Kinrick o Poland, whaur it remained till 1772 (see Pairtitions o Poland). The veelage, called Gliniany, belangit tae Lwow Land o the Ruthenie Voivodeship. It receivit a toun chairter in 1397, frae Voivode o Sandomierz an Starosta o Red Ruthenie, Jan z Tarnowa. In 1425, King Wladyslaw Jagiello confirmit Gliniany’s chairter. In simmer 1537, it wis ane o centres o the so-cried Chicken War.

In 1772 Gliniany became pairt o Austrick’s province o Galicie, whaur it remained till late 1918. In the interbellum period, it belangit tae the Seicont Pols Republic, as pairt o Przemyslany Coonty, Tarnopol Voivodeship.

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Coordinates: 49°49′24″N 24°31′00″E / 49.82333°N 24.51667°E / 49.82333; 24.51667