Brazilian German

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The German-based varieties spoken bi German Brazilians thegither fuirm a significant minority leid in Brazil. "Brazilian German" is strangly influencit bi Portuguese an tae a lesser extent bi Italian dialects as well as indigenous leids. German dialects are pairticularly strang in Brazil's Sooth an Sootheast Regions. Accordin tae Ethnologue, ca. 3 million fowk in Brazil speak Riograndenser Hunsrückisch, 1.5 million Staundart German (likely includin Pommersch), an 8,000 Plautdietsch.[1]

German speakers frae Germany, Swisserland an Austrick mak up the lairgest group o immigrants efter Portuguese an Italian speakers. They tendit tae preserve their leid langer than the speakers o Italian, which is closer tae Portuguese. Consequently, German wis the seicont maist common faimily leid in Brazil at the 1940 census. Housomeivver, even in auries that are still dominatit bi German speakers, maist are bilingual. The day, German is increasinly cultivatit as a cultural heritage, an several municipalities hae recently gien co-offeecial status wi Brazilian Portuguese tae ane Brazilian variant or anither o it.

Riograndenser Hunsrückisch is the maist significant variant, an the term is sometimes uised so as tae include aw fuirms o Brazilian German. It is pairticularly well representit in the twa soothmaist states, Rio Grande do Sul an Santa Catarina. But especially in Espírito Santo thare are significant pockets whose dialect is based on East Law German (Pommersch),[2] an some ither dialects can be foond locally due tae 20t century immigration.

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