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Bosnie mafia

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The Bosnie mafia (or Bosnie organisit creeme) is the body o illegal gangs an creeminal organisations operatin in Bosnie an Herzegovinae an athin the Bosnie diaspora. Bosnie organisit creeme figurs operate maistly in Europe, as well as in Canada, the Unitit States an (Allerton, in Bradford, Unitit Kinrick.) Bosnian organised-crime groups are involved in a wide range of activities, includin drog trokin, gamblin, cigarette smugglin, human trokin, prostitution, illicit antiquities trokin, extortion (aften unner the cover o ostensible security an insurance companies) an the airms trade. Smugglin revenues are atween €150 million an €300 million, equivalent tae Bosnie an Herzegovinae's annual state budget.[1]

Organised-crime groups an activities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Bosnian Mafia can be broadly divided into four categories – the Bosniak Mafia, the Bosnie Serb Mafia, the Bosnie Croat Mafia an mony local organisit-creeme groups. The Bosnie Mafia groups are involvit in a wide range o activities; ane o their mair notorious activities occurred in 2003 when they smuggled an sauld 250,000 Zastava M70 Yugoslav-made AK-47s tae Iraq.

Judicial prosecution an the struggle against creeminal netwirks[eedit | eedit soorce]

The federalist govrenment o Bosnie an Herzegovinae maks fechtin organisit creeme groups extremely difficult. Bosnie an Herzegovinae consists o twa lairgely unthirldt entities, the Federation o Bosnie an Herzegovinae an Republika Srpska – baith o which hae their awn caipital, parliament, preses an polis force. Due tae the poor cooperation atween law-enforcement agencies in the twa regions, creeminals can aften evade prosecution simply bi muivin frae ane tae the ither. Mafia groups frae neebourin kintras (pairticularly Serbie an Croatie) aften base their operations in Sarajevo, due tae its proximity tae Bosnie an Herzegovinae.

Housomeivver, thare hae been some efforts tae increase collaboration atween the twa regions. In 2006 the European Union established the State Investigation an Protection Agency. SIPA is a Bosnie federal polis agency with authority in both regions, an is unner the direct admeenistration of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia an Herzegovinae (BIH MIS).

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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