Battle o Marathon

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Battle o Marathon
Pairt o the Greco-Persie Wars
Plain of Marathon 1.jpg
The plain o Marathon today
DateAugust/September (Metageitnion), 490 BC
LocationMarathon, Greece
38°07′46″N 23°58′29″E / 38.129426°N 23.974714°E / 38.129426; 23.974714
  • Decisive Greek victory
  • Persie forces driven oot o Greece for 10 years.[1]
Persie Empire
Commanders an leaders
Aristides the Juist
Xanthippus (Pericles' faither)
Hippias (deposed Athenian tyrant)
9,000–10,000 Athenians,
1,000 Plataeans
25,000 infantry an 1,000 cavalry (modren estimates)[1]
100,000+ airmed oarsmen an sailors (arranged as reserve truips thay saw little action, maistly defendin the ships)
600 triremes
50+ horse-carriers
200+ supply ships
Casualties an losses
192 Athenians,
11 Plataeans (Herodotus)
1,000–3,000 deid (modren estimates)[3]
6,400 deid
7 ships destroyed (Herodotus)
4,000–5,000 deid (modren estimates)[3]
Battle o Marathon is locatit in Greece
Battle o Marathon
Location o the battle o Marathon

The Battle o Marathon (Greek: Μάχη τοῦ Μαραθῶνος, Machē tou Marathōnos) teuk place in 490 BC, during the first Persie invasion o Greece. It wis focht atween the ceetizens o Athens, aidit bi Plataea, an a Persie force commandit bi Datis an Artaphernes. The battle wis the culmination o the first attempt bi Persie, unner Keeng Darius I, tae subjugate Greece. The Greek airmy decisively defeatit the mair numerous Persies, merkin a turnin pynt in the Greco-Persie Wars.

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Coordinates: 38°07′05″N 23°58′42″E / 38.11806°N 23.97833°E / 38.11806; 23.97833