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Banner o Fiji
Variant banner o Fiji

Prior tae cedin the kintra tae Breetish rule in 1874, the govrenment o Fiji adoptit a naitional banner featurin blue an white vertical stripes, wi in the centre a reid shield depictin a white dove.[1] This banner ceased tae be uised when the colonial era began an Fiji relinquished its unthrildom. Fiji wis a Breetish colony frae 1874 tae 1970.

The current banner o Fiji wis adoptit on 10 October 1970. The state airms hae been slichtly modified but the banner haes remained the same as durin the colonial period. It is a defaced sky-blue "Blue Ensign" (the actual Blue Ensign version o the banner is the Govrenment ensign). It haes remained unchynged syne Fiji wis declared a republic in 1987, despite caws frae some politeecians (such as Opposition Senator Atu Emberson-Bain) for chynges.

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Its bricht blue backgrund seembolizes the Paceefic Ocean, which plays an important pairt in the lives o the islanders, baith in terms o the fishin industry, an the huge tourist trade. The Union Jack reflects the kintra's links wi Great Breetain. The shield is derived frae the kintra's offeecial coat o airms, which wis oreeginally grantit bi Ryal Warrant in 1908. It is a white shield wi a reid cross an a reid chief (upper third o a shield). The images depictit on the shield represent agricultural activities on the islands, an the historical associations wi Great Britain. At the tap o the shield, a Breetish lion holds a cocoa pod atween its paws. The upper left is succar cane, upper right is a coconut palm, the lawer left a dove o peace, an the lawer right a bunch o bananas.

The current banner is vera seemilar tae the colonial ensign uised prior tae unthirldom, the main differences bein the latter uised a daurker shade o blue an displayed the entire Fijian coat o airms as opposed tae juist the shield. While some reformists hae cawed for the removal o the Union Banner, seeing it a Breetish colonial emblem, ithers support its retention for the sake o historical continuity. The banners o ither independent kintras, such as Australie, New Zealand an Tuvalu retain the Union Banner in thair naitional banners.

Full Fijian Coat-o-Airms
Full Fijian Coat-o-Airms

Some influential Fijians hae cawed for the restoration o the full coat o airms tae the banner. On November 30, 2005, Fiji's Great Council o Chiefs cawed for the twa warrior figures, who guard the shield on the coat o airms, tae be placed on the banner, alang wi a miniature canoe an the naitional motto, Rerevaka na kalou ka doka na tui ("Fear God an honour the queen") — seembols that wur featurt on the oreeginal banner o the Kinrick o Viti, the first unified Fijian state, forged bi Seru Epenisa Cakobau in 1871.

"The coat o airms is vera significant acause it haes the wird o God, then it haes the twa warriors an the Fijian canoe an aa. A think that the cooncil members prefer that the full coat o airms be includit in the Fiji flag," said Asesela Sadole, General Secretary o the Great Cooncil o Chiefs.

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