Coat o airms o Fiji

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Coat of arms of Fiji.png

The Coat o airms o Fiji wis grantit bi Ryal Letters Patent on 4 Julie 1908. It wis featurt on the colonial ensign an its shield remains on the current banner o Fiji.

The elements which appear in the coat o airms are:

  • The shield haes images baith representin Fiji's primary produce an its links wi baith its colonial an pre-colonial past. The Inglis lion staunds abuin the Cross o St. George, but in its paws it haulds a cocoa pod. Three o the fower quarters aroond the cross an aa contain crops: succarcanes, a coconut palm, an a bunch o bananas. The remainin quarter shows a dove o peace, which wis the main element o the banner o Keeng Cakobau, the first King o Fiji.
  • The supporters are twa Fijian warriors dressed in mulberry bark tapa skirts, ane o them hauldin a lance an the ither a pineapple mace, aw proper;
  • The crest features a wreath Argent an Gules as well as a canoe wi ootrigger aw proper;
  • The motto displays the naitional motto "Rerevaka na kalou ka doka na Tui" (Fear God an honour the King).

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