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Baniyas is located in Syrie
Location in Sirie
Coordinates: 35°10′56″N 35°56′25″E / 35.18222°N 35.94028°E / 35.18222; 35.94028
GovrenorateTartus Govrenorate
DestrictBaniyas Destrict
 (2008 est.)
 • Total42,128
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)+3
Area code(s)43

Baniyas (Arabic: بانياسBāniyās) is a ceety in northwastren Sirie, locatit at the fuit o the hill of Qalaat el-Marqab (hoosin the Crusade castle o Marqab, Margat in wastren sources), 55 km tae the sooth o Latakia (auncient Laodicea) an 35 km north o Tartus (auncient Tortosa), an a Catholic titular see unner the Laitin name o Balanea, which is presently vacant.

It is famous for its orchards an its export o wood. The day it is best kent for its ile refinery north o the ceety, ane o the lairgest in Sirie; a pouer station is an aw present.

It still contains citrus fruit orchards surroondit bi green hills. Ane o the hills haes at its top the imposin Margat Citadel, a huge Knichts Hospitaller fortress biggit wi black basalt stane.

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