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For the toun in Sooth Africae, see Baberton, Mpumalanga.

Babertoun is a suburb o Edinburgh, the caipital o Scotland. It is sooth-wast o the Edinburgh City Bypass, an sooth o the Edinburgh tae Bathgate railwey line. The veelage o Juniper Green is situatit tae the sooth o Babertoun. Frae Babertoun thare aboot a 20 minute walk tae the fuit o the Pentland Hills.

The feck o Babertoun comprises a hoosin estate, bug durin the 1960s bi George Wimpey. The estate wis bug as a dormitory suburb whaur the residents will mainly wirk in the ceety centre, although mair widespread travel syne the estate's completion means some residents wirk elsewhaur, includin Leevinston an Fife.

Babertoun Hoose wis designit an bug in 1623 bi the airchitect Sir James Murray o Kilbabertoun (d.1634), King's Master of Works. Murray bug the hoose for hissel, although it is nou uisit as offices.[1]

Whan Babertoun wis bug in the 1960s it wis jokingly referred tae as "Spam Valley" due tae the tendency for residents tae contribute lairge proportions o their salary tae buy a hoose thare.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 55°54′43″N 3°17′07″W / 55.9119°N 3.2853°W / 55.9119; -3.2853