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Murrayfield Ice Rink
For the Stadium an hame o Scottish Rugby Union, see Murrayfield Stadium. For the aurie in the Wimbledon grunds namit efter Andy Murray, see Henman Hill.

Murrayfield is an affluent aurie in the wast o Edinburgh, Scotland. It is tae the east o Corstorphine an wast o Roseburn an the ceety centre. The A8 road runs east-wast through the north o the aurie. Murrayfield is aften considered tae include the smawer neebourin auries o Ravelston (tae the north) an Roseburn (tae the east).

It is kent maistly for containin Murrayfield Stadium, hame tae the Scottis naitional rugby union team an venue for mony sportin events. In the shadow o the Stadium is Murrayfield Ice Rink, which currently hosts the Edinburgh Capitals ice hockey team an previously played host tae the famous Murrayfield Racers. In the 2006-07 season, Heart of Midlothian played their UEFA Champions League ties at Murrayfield. Murrayfield Stadium haes been the venue for some lairge concerts an aw.

In addition tae the stadium, thare is Murrayfield Tennis Club an Murrayfield Golf Course which is atween Ravelston an Corstorphine Hill. Next tae this is Easter Belmont Road (a private road), ane o Edinburgh's "Millionaire's Rows" an is hame tae local businessman David Murray an Keith Miller. Aside frae sports facilities, thare is a lot o residential land use, and the area has a Spire Healthcare private hospital an sma nummers o shops, businesses includin a Nissan dealership, an hotels. The Murrayfield aurie is full o medium an lairge sized hooses.

The well-kent unthirlt schuils, St. George's Schuil for Girls an the Erskine Stewart's Melville Schuils (The Mary Erskine Schuil for Girls an Stewart's Melville College) are situatit in the Murrayfield aurie. These schuils are aw awned bi the Merchant Company of Edinburgh.

The local primary schuil for maist is Roseburn Primary Schuil an Murrayfield is pairt o the Craigmount Heich Schuil catchment aurie. The nearest Roman Catholic schuils are Fox Covert R.C. Primary Schuil an St. Augustine's Heich Schuil.

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