Pilton, Edinburgh

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Pilton is a residential aurie o north Edinburgh, Scotland. It is tae the north o Ferry Road, wast o Granton an immediately east o Muirhouse. Pilton consists o twa, maistly cooncil, hoosin schemes - Wast Pilton an East Pilton. These schemes are regairdit as twa o the maist deprivit schemes in Edinburgh an suffer frae heich crime rates an anti-social behaviour especially young joyriders stealin pouerful motorbikes an caurs, drivin thaim recklessly roond the scheme.[1] Pilton is generally considered tae be pairt o the lairger neebourin aurie o Granton.

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Coordinates: 55°58′20″N 3°14′12″W / 55.97222°N 3.23667°W / 55.97222; -3.23667