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Ba'ath Pairty (Iraqi-dominatit faction)

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This article shoud no be ramfeeselt wi the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Pairty-Iraq Region, the Ba'ath Pairty's regional branch established in 1951.
Ba'ath Pairty
LeaderIzzat Ibrahim ad-Douri
Foondit23 Februar 1966
Split fraeBa'ath Pairty (unitar)
Heidquartersde jure Baghdad, Iraq,
in exile
ColoursBlack, Red, White an Green (Pan-Arab colours)
Party flag

The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Pairty (spelt Ba'th or Baath which means "resurrection" or "renaissance" an aw; Arabic: حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكيHizb Al-Ba'ath Al-'Arabi Al-Ishtiraki) is a Ba'athist poleetical pairty which wis heidquairtered in Baghdad, Iraq. The pairty is ane o the twa pairties (wi identical names) that emergit oot the 1966 split in the oreeginal Ba'ath Pairty.

In 1966 the oreeginal Ba'ath Pairty wis split in hauf; the ane hauf led by the Damascus leadership o the Ba'ath Pairty which established a pairty in Sirie, the ither hauf led bi leadership in Baghdad. Baith Ba'ath pairties retained the same name an maintained parallel structurs in the Arab Warld, but became so antagonistic that the Sirie Ba'ath regime became the anerlie Arab govrenment tae support Iran against Iraq durin the bloody Iran–Iraq War. Ba'athists seisit pouer in Iraq for the first time in 1963, but wur deposed some months later. The pairty's regional organisation govrened Iraq atween 1968 an 2003, for mony years unner the leadership o Saddam Hussein. The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Pairty-Iraq Region wis banned in 2003 bi the Coalition Proveesional Authority follaein the invasion o Iraq.

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