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Azerbaijani cuisine

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Location o Azerbaijan
Licht snacks o the Azerbaijani cuisine.

Azerbaijani cuisine is whit fowk cuik an eat in Azerbaijan. Fuids frae different culturs hae influenced Azerbaijani fuid. However, it remained different frae fuids in ither kintras. Mony fuids that started in Azerbaijan are now pairt o ither culturs. Fer the Azerbaijanis, fuid is an important pairt o the kintra's cultur an is very connected wi the historie, traditions an values o the naition.

Azerbaijani dolma

Out o 11 climate types in the warld, Azerbaijan haes nine. Thes adds tae the fertility o the syle, so there are mony kins o vegetables used accordin tae saisons an the dishes. The climate helps tae create the richness o the fuid. Fresh yerbs, includin mint, coriander, dill, basil, persel, tarragon, leek, chive, thyme, marjoram, green ingan an watterkerse, are very popular an are aft put in the main dishes. The Caspian Sea haes mony edible species o fish, includin the sturgeon, Caspian salmon, kutum, sardines, gray mullet, an ithers. Black caviar frae the Caspian Sea is ane o Azerbaijan’s best knoon delicacies wanted in mony pairts o the warld.

Azerbaijani dushbara

The main coorses o Azerbaijani cuisine are ower 30 kins o soups, includin those prepaured frae plain yogurt. Ane o the maist famous dishes is plov. Plov is a saffron-covered rice, served wi different yerbs. The Azerbaijani cuisine haes mair nor 40 different plov recipes. Ither second coorses include mony kins o kebabs an shashliks, includin lamb, beef, chicken, an fish (baliq) kebabs. Sturgeon, a common fish, is normally skewered (skewer is a thin metal or wid stick used tae hauld pieces o fuid thegither) an grilled as a shashlik, bein served wi a tert pomegranate sauce called narsharab. Dried fruits an walnuts are used in mony dishes. The traditional condiments are saut, the spices black pepper, sumac, an especially saffron. Much o the saffron comes frae the Absheron Peninsula.

Black tea is the naitional drink, an is drunk efter fuid is eaten. It is also popular on its ain or wi dried fruits.

Anither popular drink is sherbet, a sweet cauld drink made o fruit juice mixed or biled wi succar, aft perfumed wi rose watter. Azerbaijani sherbet is nae sorbet, the cauld dessert.

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