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Arsames is a Iranian daith metal baund frae Mashhad, the seicont lairgest ceety in Iran. The baund wis formed in 2002 bi Ali Madarshahi.[1] Arsames haed chyngit its line-up mony times, Vocalist an first drummer Ali Madarshahi is the anerlie oreeginal member who haes remained.[2] The oreegin o the name o the baund, Arsames, came frae the name o ane o the keengs o Persian Empire durin the Achaemenid dynasty.

The baund play hivy metal muisic despite it bein illegal in Iran an, accordin tae the baund, it considered Satanic bi the govrenment.[1][3][4]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Arsames oreeginally formed in winter o 2002. Thay record thair debut single "Adiposere" in 2005 in thair hame studio which wis in the brutal daith metal genre. In 2006 thay released an unsigned studio album (Cyclopia) digitally. The album got positive regards bi the fans specialy on myspace.[3][unreliable soorce?] A seicont download-anly album, Homo Sapiens, wis released in 2007.[5]

Arsames, Unirock turkey 2009

In 2007, Malaysian documentary-maker Zan Azlee interviewed the baund as pairt o I'm Muslim Too!, a documentary on youth in the Middle East.[6]

In 2008 Arsames joined a baund contest at Metalcamp 2009 in Slovenie an thay received the maist votes. In Julie 2009 Arsames performed at the Unirock Open Air Festival in Turkey wi baunds lik Arch Enemy, Kreator an Amon Amarth.[5] Thay hae got mony positive reaction frae fans an critics as thay addressed Arsames as Iron Maiden an daith o Iran.[5]

2010 wis a busy year for arsames, in Aprile thay played at Metal Asylum in Dubai.[2][7] Arsames released thair first signed album, Immortal Identity, containing aicht tracks.[8] In November Arsames heidlined a metal festival named 'Sikkim Fest' in Indie.[1][9]

The baund's leerical themes include Persian history an meethology, an thay describe thair muisic as "auncient daith metal".[4][5]

Band members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current members
  • Ali Madarshahi - Vocals
  • Morteza Shahrami - Guitar
  • Ahmad Takalou - Guitar
  • Rouzbeh Zourchang - Bass guitar
  • Saeed Shariat - Drums
Umwhile members
  • Hamed "Fetusgrinder" Azizi - Vocals
  • Ali Azhari - Guitar
  • Hamid Yousefi Faverani - Guitar
  • Hamid Alizadeh - Guitar
  • Ali Sanayi - Bass guitar

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