Arnaldo Forlani

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Arnaldo Forlani
Prime Meenister o Italy
In office
18 October 1980 – 28 Juin 1981
Preses Alessandro Pertini
Precedit bi Francesco Cossiga
Succeedit bi Giovanni Spadolini
Italian Meenister o Foreign Affairs
In office
29 Julie 1976 – 4 August 1979
Prime Meenister Giulio Andreotti
Precedit bi Mariano Rumor
Succeedit bi Franco Maria Malfatti
Personal details
Born (1925-12-08) 8 December 1925 (age 93)
Pesaro, Marche, Italy
Naitionality Italian
Poleetical pairty Christian Democracy

Arnaldo Forlani (born 8 December 1925) is the Prime Meenister o Italy. He servit frae 18 October 1980 to 28 Juin 1981.