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Giulio Andreotti

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41st Prime Meenister o Italy
In office
22 Julie 1989 – 28 Juin 1992
Preses Francesco Cossiga
Depute Claudio Martelli
Precedit bi Ciriaco de Mita
Succeedit bi Giuliano Amato
In office
29 Julie 1976 – 4 August 1979
Preses Giovanni Leone
Sandro Pertini
Depute Ugo La Malfa
Precedit bi Aldo Moro
Succeedit bi Francesco Cossiga
In office
17 Februar 1972 – 7 Julie 1973
Preses Giovanni Leone
Precedit bi Emilio Colombo
Succeedit bi Mariano Rumor
Meenister o Cultur an the Environment
In office
12 Aprile 1991 – 28 Juin 1992
Prime Meenister Himself
Precedit bi Ferdinando Facchiano
Succeedit bi Alberto Ronchey
Meenister o State Pairteecipation
In office
26 December 1990 – 28 Juin 1992
Prime Meenister Himsel
Precedit bi Franco Piga
Succeedit bi Giuseppe Guarino
Meenister o Furrin Affairs
In office
4 August 1983 – 22 Julie 1989
Prime Meenister Bettino Craxi
Amintore Fanfani
Giovanni Goria
Ciriaco de Mita
Precedit bi Emilio Colombo
Succeedit bi Gianni De Michelis
Meenister o the Interior
In office
11 Mey 1978 – 13 Juin 1978
Prime Meenister Himsel
Precedit bi Francesco Cossiga
Succeedit bi Virginio Rognoni
In office
18 Januar 1954 – 8 Februar 1954
Prime Meenister Amintore Fanfani
Precedit bi Amintore Fanfani
Succeedit bi Mario Scelba
Meenister o Plannin an the Budget
In office
23 November 1974 – 29 Julie 1976
Prime Meenister Aldo Moro
Precedit bi Antonio Giolitti
Succeedit bi Tommaso Morlino
Meenister o Defence
In office
14 Mairch 1974 – 23 November 1974
Prime Meenister Mariano Rumor
Precedit bi Mario Tanassi
Succeedit bi Arnaldo Forlani
In office
15 Februar 1959 – 23 Februar 1966
Prime Meenister Antonio Segni
Fernando Tambroni
Amintore Fanfani
Giovanni Leone
Aldo Moro
Precedit bi Antonio Segni
Succeedit bi Roberto Tremelloni
Meenister o Industrie, Commerce an Craftmanship
In office
23 Februar 1964 – 12 December 1968
Prime Meenister Aldo Moro
Giovanni Leone
Precedit bi Edgardo Lami Starnuti
Succeedit bi Mario Tanassi
Menister o the Treisury
In office
1 Julie 1958 – 15 Februar 1959
Prime Meenister Amintore Fanfani
Precedit bi Giuseppe Medici
Succeedit bi Fernando Tambroni
Meenister o Finance
In office
6 Julie 1955 – 1 Julie 1958
Prime Meenister Antonio Segni
Adone Zoli
Precedit bi Roberto Tremelloni
Succeedit bi Luigi Preti
Secretar o the Cooncil o Meenisters
In office
1 Juin 1947 – 18 Januar 1954
Prime Meenister Alcide De Gasperi
Giuseppe Pella
Precedit bi Paolo Cappa
Succeedit bi Mariano Rumor
Personal details
Born 14 Januar 1919(1919-01-14)
Roum, Lazio, Italy
Dee'd 6 Mey 2013(2013-05-06) (aged 94)
Roum, Lazio, Italy
Poleetical pairty Christian Democracy
Ither poleetical
Italian Fowk's Pairty
European Democracy
Union o the Centre
Spoose(s) Livia Danese (1945–2013)
Alma mater Sapienza Varsity o Roum
Religion Roman Catholicism

Giulio Andreotti OMI SMOM OCSG OESSH (Italian: [ˈʤuːljo andreˈɔtti]; 14 Januar 1919 – 6 Mey 2013) wis an Italian politeecian an statesman wha served as the 41st Prime Meenister o Italy an leader o the Christian Democracy pairty; he is the saxt langest-servin Prime Meenister syne the Italian Unification.

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