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Andrea Corr

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Andrea Corr

Andrea Jean Corr, born 17 Mey 1974, is a fowk-pop singer fae the Republic o Ireland. She comes fae is Dundalk, a toun naur tae the mairch wi Northren Ireland. The faimlie baund 'the Corrs' conseests o hersel, her twa sisters Caroline an Sharon, an her brither Jim.

Andrea haes scrieved monie o the band's sangs hersel, whiles in hail an whiles in pairt. Ane o thae sangs, Breathless, gaed til the verra tap o the Unitit Kinrick chairts in 2000. The new album Home represents a smaa chynge fae whit haes gane afore in that twa o the sangs is in Irish Gaelic, raither nor Inglis.

Andrea haes been in a puckle films forbye, sic as The Commitments an Evita.

Fremmit airtins (aa in Inglis)[eedit | eedit soorce]