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Aventura Park, Amadora.
Aventura Park, Amadora.
Banner o Amadora
Coat of airms o Amadora
Coat airms
Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 38°44′N 9°14′W / 38.733°N 9.233°W / 38.733; -9.233
Kintra Portugal
SubregionGreater Lisbon
 • MayorJoaquim Raposo (PS)
 • Total23.8 km2 (9.2 sq mi)
 • Total176,239
 • Density7405/km2 (19,180/sq mi)
Pairishes (no.)11
Municipal holiday
September 11

Amadora (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐmɐˈðoɾɐ]) is a ceety an a municipality in Portugal, in the northwast o the Lisbon Metropolitan Aurie. The ceety an municipality population is 175,872 in eleiven freguesias (parishes). Wi an aurie o 23.77 km², it is the maist densely populatit municipality o Portugal. Amadora is a satellite ceety o Lisbon, ane o the smawest Portuguese municipalities (24 km²), but ane o the maist populous.

The municipality wis formit on 11 September 1979, when it ceased being a parish o Oeiras Municipality. It wis incorporatit as a ceety syne that date.

Amadora is ane o the lairgest ceeties in Portugal bi population. It forms a conurbation wi the Portuguese caipital Lisbon, an baith ceeties share the same subway, bus andtrain netwirk. It is an aw a major residential suburb o the caipital, an the landscape is dominatit bi lairge apairtment blocks an some industry. Amadora is an aw hame tae a big community o African immigrants, maistly frae Angola an Cape Verde.

Although major rehabilitation plans hae been stairtit, Amadora is still regardit as a ceety wi a creeme rate heicher than the naitional average, an notorious for its traffic jams.

Ivery year, Amadora organizes the Amadora International Comics Festival[1] Archived 2012-01-19 at the Wayback Machine.

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