Almoravid dynasty

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Almoravid dynasty

Imṛabḍen, ⵉⵎⵕⴰⴱⴹⴻⵏ
المرابطون, Al-Murābiṭūn
Banner o Almoravids
The Almoravid empire at its greatest extent, c. 1120.
The Almoravid empire at its greatest extent, c. 1120.
StatusRulin dynasty o Morocco an Al-Andalus
Common leidsBerber, Arabic, Mozarabic
Islam (Sunni); minority Christianity (Catholic), Judaism
GovrenmentHereditary monarchy
• 1040–1059
Abdallah ibn Yasin
• 1146–1147
Ishaq ibn Ali
• Established
• Disestablished
1147 est.1,000,000[1] km2 (390,000 sq mi)
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
First Taifas period
Barghawata Confederacy
Zenata kinricks
Almohad Caliphate
Second Taifas period
The day pairt o

The Almoravid dynasty (Berber leids: Imṛabḍen, ⵉⵎⵕⴰⴱⴹⴻⵏ; Arabic: المرابطون‎, Al-Murābiṭūn) wis a Berber imperial dynasty o Morocco.[2][3]

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