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Ali Shariati

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Ali Shariati
Born23 November 1933(1933-11-23)
Kahak, Khorasan, Imperial State of Persia
Dee'd19 Juin 1977(1977-06-19) (aged 43)
Southampton, Unitit Kinrick
ReleegionShia Islam
Hauf-marrae(s)Pouran Shariat Razavi
BairnsEhsan, Sousan, Sara and Mona

Ali Shariati (23 November 1933 in Kahak - 19 Juin 1977 in Southampton, Ingland) wis an Iranian revolutionary[1] an sociologist, who focused on the sociologie o releegion. He is held as ane o the maist influential Iranian intellectuals o the 20t century[2] an haes been cried the 'ideologue o the Iranian Revolution'.[3]

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