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Alfred Kirke Ffrench wis a recipient o the Victoria Cross, the heichmaist an maist presteegious awaird for gallantry afore the fae that can be awairdit tae Breetish an Commonweel forces.

Ffrench wis twenty-twa year auld, an a Lieutenand in the 53d Regiment o Fit (later The Keeng's Shropshire Licht Infantry) o the Breetish Airmy in throu the Indian Mutiny, whan he performed the deed that he wis awairded the V.R. for. On 16t November 1857 at Lucknow, Indie, Lieutenand Ffrench wis in chairge o the Grenadier Company, an guide yerselt wi kenspeckle bravery at the taein o the Secundra Bagh. He wis ane o the foremaist tae gang intil the biggin. Efter thon he ris tae the rank o Caiptain.

His Victoria Cross is shawn at The Keeng's Shropshire Licht Infantry Museum in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Ingland.

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